High School Basketball on Real Country 1230

The Sparta Bulldogs and Steeleville Warriors play on Real Country 1230!

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Complete 2016-17 High School Basketball Broadcast Schedule:

Monday, November 28Live5:15 pmSparta vs Red BudTrico Tournament
Monday, November 28Live6:45 pmTrico vs ShawneeTrico Tournament
Monday, November 28Live8:15 pmSteeleville vs ChesterTrico Tournament
Tuesday, November 29Live5:15 pmChester vs ShawneeTrico Tournament
Tuesday, November 29Live6:45 pmSparta vs SteelevilleTrico Tournament
Tuesday, November 29Live8:15 pmRed Bud vs TricoTrico Tournament
Wednesday, November 30Live5:15 pmSparta vs TricoTrico Tournament
Wednesday, November 30Live6:45 pmRed Bud vs ChesterTrico Tournament
Wednesday, November 30Live8:15 pmSteeleville vs ShawneeTrico Tournament
Friday, December 2Live5:15 pmRed Bud vs ShawneeTrico Tournament
Friday, December 2Live6:45 pmSteeleville vs TricoTrico Tournament
Friday, December 2Live8:15 pmSparta vs ChesterTrico Tournament
Saturday, December 3Live4:15 pmTrico vs ShawneeTrico Tournament
Saturday, December 3Live5:45 pmSteeleville vs Red BudTrico Tournament
Saturday, December 3Live7:15 pmSparta vs ChesterTrico Tournament
Monday, December 5Live7:30 pmSteeleville at Valmeyer
Friday, December 9Live7:30 pmSparta vs Pinckneyville
Saturday, December 10Next Day10:00 amSteeleville at Marissa
Tuesday, December 13Live7:30 pmSteeleville vs Dupo
Friday, December 16Live7:30 pmSparta at Nashville
Saturday, December 17Next Day10:00 amSteeleville vs Okawville
Tuesday, December 20Live7:30 pmSparta at Du Quoin
Monday, December 26Live1:15 pmSparta vs ColumbiaFreeburg Tournament
Monday, December 26Live6:15 pmSteeleville vs ThompsonvilleSesser Tournament
Tuesday, December 27Live10:15 amSparta vs ValmeyerFreeburg Tournament
Tuesday, December 27Live7:45 pmSparta vs WaterlooFreeburg Tournament
Wednesday, December 28Next Day10:30 amSteeleville vs Sesser-ValierSesser Tournament
Wednesday, December 28Live1:45 pmSparta vs TriadFreeburg Tournament
Wednesday, December 28Live6:15 pmSteeleville vs ChesterSesser Tournament
Thursday, December 29Live12:15 pmSparta vs DupoFreeburg Tournament
Tuesday, January 3Live7:30 pmSparta at MurphysboroPostponed from 12/17
Friday, January 6Live7:30 pmSparta vs Carterville
Saturday, January 7Next Day10:00 amSteeleville at Lebanon
Saturday, January 7Live7:30 pmSparta vs West Frankfort
Tuesday, January 10Live7:30 pmSteeleville vs Red Bud
Friday, January 13Live7:30 pmSparta at Anna-Jonesboro
Tuesday, January 17Live6:45 pmSteeleville vs WaterlooSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Tuesday, January 17Live8:30 pmSparta vs Red BudSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Wednesday, January 18Live5:15 pmTrico vs WaterlooSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Wednesday, January 18Live7:00 pmSteeleville vs MurphysboroSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Wednesday, January 18Live8:30 pmSparta vs FreeburgSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Thursday, January 19Live5:15 pmRed Bud vs MarquetteSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Thursday, January 19Live8:15 pmSteeleville vs TricoSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Friday, January 20Live5:15 pmTrico vs MurphysboroSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Friday, January 20Live7:00 pmRed Bud vs FreeburgSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Friday, January 20Live8:30 pmSparta vs MarquetteSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Saturday, January 21Live3:45 pmTBDSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Saturday, January 21Live5:30 pmTBDSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Saturday, January 21Live7:00 pmTBDSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Saturday, January 21Live8:30 pmTBDSparta Mid-Winter Classic
Tuesday, January 24Live7:30 pmSteeleville vs Valmeyer
Friday, January 27Live7:30 pmSparta at Pinckneyville
Saturday, January 28Next Day10:00 amSteeleville at New Athens
Saturday, January 28Live2:15 pmSteeleville vs Webber TownshipPinckneyville Shootout
Saturday, January 28Live7:30 pmSparta at Marissa
Tuesday, January 31Live7:30 pmSteeleville vs Marissa
Friday, January 3Live7:30 pmSparta vs Nashville
Saturday, February 4Next Day10:00 amSteeleville at Dupo
Saturday, February 4Live7:30 pmSparta vs Steeleville
Tuesday, February 7Live7:30 pmSparta at Anna-JonesboroPostponed from 1/13
Wednesday, February 8Next Day3:00 pmSteeleville vs Lebanon
Friday, February 10Next Day3:00 pmSteeleville at Chester
Friday, February 10Live7:30 pmSparta vs Du Quoin
Saturday, February 11Next Day10:00 amSteeleville vs Trico
Saturday, February 11Live7:30 pmSparta at Carterville
Tuesday, February 14Live7:30 pmSparta vs Okawville
Friday, February 17Live7:30 pmSparta vs Anna-Jonesboro
Saturday, February 18Next Day10:00 amSteeleville vs New Athens
Saturday, February 18Live7:30 pmSparta at Chester
Monday, February 20Live5:45 pmSparta vs DupoGibault 2A Regional Quarterfinal
Monday, February 20Next Day7:00 pmSteeleville vs ElveradoCrab Orchard 1A Regional Quarterfinal
Tuesday, February 21Live6:45 pmSparta vs MarquetteGibault 2A Regional Semifinal